Monastic Scholarship Program

The Fellowship is a not-for-profit religious organization based in the United States. Its purpose is to promote non-denominational Buddhist education and the comprehensive approach to Buddhist study. One of the main activities of the Fellowship is to engage in the translation and publication of Buddhist works that promote such approach. In recognizing the importance and the leadership of monastic community in educating followers of the Buddha Dharma, the Fellowship hereby establishes a Monastic Education Scholarship.

There are two situations where the Fellowship shall offer the Monastic Scholarship to one or several qualified applicants in a given fiscal year:

  1. A surplus of funding over five hundred U.S. dollars ($500) is expected after the cost of producing any immediate publication projects has been paid for or reasonably budgeted.
  2. The amount of donations that are specified for the use of the Monastic Scholarship has accumulated to no less than five hundred U.S. dollars ($500).


  1. The applicant must be a fully ordained Buddhist monk or nun.
  2. The applicant must be currently enrolled in or has been accepted for admission to a post-high-school degree program that is accredited or certified by the governmental authority.
  3. The applicant must fill out an application form and submit an essay stating how his/her work will help promote the comprehensive approach to Buddhist study.*

* The amount of scholarship available, the application form, the application deadline, and the specific requirements on the essay, such as length, format, and language, will be posted online when a sufficient amount of funding becomes available.

Review and Decision Process:

A review panel appointed by the Board of the Fellowship may take necessary steps toward verifying the applicant's qualification and shall decide on the amount of scholarship awarded according to funding availability as well as application's qualification. Prior recipients of this Monastic Scholarship may also apply by filling out a new application form and submitting a new essay.